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ASHAWAY Zymax 62 Fire

After a year of intensive development in Ashaway’s lab and on badminton courts around the world, Ashaway Racket Strings is pleased to announce the launch of ZyMax® Fire.

Produced from Ashaway’s revolutionary BETA Polymer raw material, ZyMax® Fire strings are the first badminton strings to utilize this new polymer technology. 

All ZyMax® Fire strings incorporate BETA fibers with ZyWeaVe technology to provide:

Incredible knot and loop strength resulting in optimum toughness and durability in micro gauge strings

Sensational elasticity and dynamic stiffness resulting in excellent feel and repulsion

Maximum tension stability resulting in consistent, reliable performance

Ashaway ZyMax 62 Fire is a 0.62mm string that is designed for maximum repulsion and shuttle response.  BETA fibers provide superior strength and toughness characteristics for this micro gauge string. ZyMax 62 Fire is recommended for high performance playability and usage by professional and advanced amateur players. 

The original ZyMax 62 string will be discontinued and replaced by this sensational new Fire model.

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