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Three new innovative technologies give the shoe very good grip, high wearing comfort and the shock-absorbing sole offers pleasant cushioning in the entire foot area. Very breathable upper material and very little wear and tear in the areas most exposed.

Product Specification

Material: Obermaterial: V-Durable Plus, Doppelmesh, PU Leder; Zwischensohle: Feather Resilient EVA, ENERGYMAX V; Außensohle: VSR Kautschuk
Size: 38 - 46 info about shoe sizes
Article-No.: 201466

The Tri-Arch support control is an arch design of the footbed based on the three arches of the foot: medial and lateral longitudinalarches and transverse arch. Tri-Arch is ergonomically designed to keep the original curvature of the three arches, which offers a more comfortable support to the sole, evenly distributes the pressure, and enables better controllability.  The drop-in-midsole footbed is made with unique anti-slip foam material integrated with midsole, delivering better anti-slip performance and elasticity than general insoles. Drop-in-midsole combined insole with midsole, not only increase its durability, but also provide more comfortable and nice support to the longitudinal and transverse arches. VSR Anti-Slip

Neo Duplex Improves the shock absorption on the heels when lunging forward. Strengthens the rebound ability of the heel area during speedy defense. eva-feather Breathing


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