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VICTOR Performer ATT 400

Performance racket with a slight head heavy balance which enables powerful shots. Furthermore, the aerodynamic frame minimizes air resistance ensuring faster swing speed during intense rallies. A dynamic antitorsion rail stabilizes the racket head for more control for your attacking game.

Product Specification

Material: 100% Hi Modulus Graphite
Headshape: isometric Weight: abt. 90 g
Grip size: G 2 Balance: HH Balance HL
Stiffness: S Stiffness F Max. String Ten.: abt. 12 kg
String: ASHAWAY Rally 21 Holes: 76 (stringing pattern)
Extra: ATT Technology Bag: fullsize thermobag
Article-No.: 126/4/0




REF: 126/4/0
PVP: 79.00 €    49.00 €
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